“Grand Opening” Street Team Guerrilla Marketing at Cricket Stores

ICE Factor Guerrilla Marketing Cricket

ICE Factor Chicago Guerrilla Marketing Cricket

Market: Chicago, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri
Timing: Consecutive Days
Direct traffic and inform consumers of the “Grand Opening” of Cricket Stores as Cricket enters into the Chicago and St. Louis markets. Dedicated team to answer Cricket related questions and provide traffic flow to new store locations.
1 Segway Team, 1 Scooter Squad Team and 1 Corporate wrapped vehicle covered the downtown Chicago and St. Louis and surrounding neighborhoods near Cricket store locations for 6 hours daily. Teams also concentrated on a variety of local events where consumers gathered.
Generated 3,500+ local consumer impressions in close proximity to store locations. Client estimated that a minimum of 50 people daily visiting each store location mentioned the eye-catching media.
“This is unbelievable! I am excited to utilize this Guerrilla marketing in the upcoming months.” -Cricket Account Management