ICE Factor and Experiential Marketing for Startups and Mobile App

ICE Factor and Experiential Marketing for Startups and Mobile App

ICE Factor and Experiential Marketing for Startups and Mobile App

A new app that is a community where people and businesses connect on their terms hired ICE Factor to enage consumers and encouraging them to download, register, and actively use the app, all while developing brand awareness.

The campaign involved Brand Ambassadors in red morph suits with QR code boxes strapped to their chests, explaining the app to festival attendees and helping them register. The first activation took place over three days, within which time approximately 640 users were registered and 10,000+ interactions/impressions took place.

The Brand Ambassadors in red morph suits served a number of different purposes. First, the bright red morph suits drew the attention of festival attendees and served as an icebreaker for engagement. The outfits also reinforced branding, as the business portrays itself as an exciting and dynamic company, and red is the color of the app. Most importantly, the QR boxes alleviated one of the steps of the download and also provided real-time, measurable data regarding the success of the activation. Almost all festival attendees had experienced the team and brand by the time they left the event.

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ICE Factor – Chicago Experiential Marketing Agency Breaks World Record

Chicago Experiential Marketing Agency Breaks World Record!


ICE Factor Street Team and Gift of Hope

Market: Illinois
Timing: August 26, 2012
Develop, coordinate and execute experiential marketing activation to achieve Guinness Book of World Records for the most amount of organ donor signups in an 8 hour period.
Experiential and branded tent. Professional brand ambassadors approached and engaged students at the University of Illinois campus. Brand ambassadors were trained to educate consumers first about having the opportunity to become an Illinois organ and tissue donor and then speak about the initiative to be a part of the Guinness Book of World Records by making their commitment on that day.
Generated 10,000+ impressions from student traffic, distributed 4,000 t-shirts, and 2,500 wristbands. Demolished previous Guinness Book of World Records standing. Old Record: 765. New Record: 2,262
ICE Factor has been working with Gift of Hope since 2010. Each year, ICE Factor develops, coordinates, and executes experiential marketing campaigns at a variety of locations throughout Illinois for Gift of Hope. Our turnkey services for Gift of Hope have set the standard for engagement and registrations within the brand, Donate Life, and its community. ICE Factor’s successful training methods and engagement process has been so successful that ICE Factor now trains volunteers and employees for the Donate Life brand. Since working with Gift of Hope, ICE Factor is regularly contacted by the Donate Life brand to activate campaigns in multiple states.